National Biosecurity Standards


Putting preventive measures in place to keep animals healthy has been a long-standing and successful practice on Canadian farms. Biosecurity planning helps to ensure that practices routinely carried out on your farm are beneficial to animal health.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) develops national biosecurity standards, protocols, and strategies designed to protect animal resources in collaboration with producer organizations, provincial/territorial governments, and academia.

The Mink Biosecurity Producer Guide is designed to be used with the Mink Biosecurity Standard (the Standard), the content of the Guide closely follows that of the Standard in that it can be easily cross-referenced. The Standard provides a series of target outcomes that, if achieved, provides a foundation for an effective biosecurity program. This guide provides additional information, including suggestions and examples of what farm infrastructure, such as farm layout, biosecure zones, and required equipment, is recommended and the type of work procedures, training, and routine documentation that should be implemented to achieve the desired target outcomes in the Biosecurity Standard.

The 3 main sections of the Guide are:

  • Section 1: Access Management
  • Section 2: Animal Health Management
  • Section 3: Operational Management