Fur, The Natural Choice

Natural Choice

Natural fur generates millions of jobs; from farming in rural communities to design and skilled craftspeople in fashion cities around the world.

  • Over one million skilled men and women are part of the fur industry today.
  •  Today’s fur retail value equates to over 30 Billion USD worldwide.
  • Natural fur is a clean, sustainable fashion material with less impact on landfills and oceans than plastic-based fake fur and other synthetic fabrics
  • It naturally decomposes.
  • It is sustainable at every stage of its production.
  • It lasts for decades if professionally cared for, unlike chemical-based fake fur that ends up in landfill sites often after a single season, and other synthetic fabrics that normally are discarded in less than five years.
  • Fur farmed animals eat by-products from food production which would otherwise end up in landfill and creating environmental concern. Fur farming waste materials are turned into useful products such as biofuels or chemical-free fertilizers.
  • Wild caught fur is a recognized and widespread aid to wildlife management and protects endangered species from being preyed upon by over-abundant predators such as coyote and fox.
  • Dressing processes meet the highest environmental standards.

Natural fur is a contemporary material with rich heritage that appeals to designers and consumers of all ages.

The fur industry hosts a yearly global list of educational and training courses and programs to support the youth fur generation, including summer schools and global competitions such as Imagine Talents and REMIX supported by Vogue Talents.

The fur sector is responsible and highly regulated with welfare and sustainability at the core of its operations.